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Speed Addicted

Web3 Lover

Motorbike Rider

Tech Enthusiast

I am a full stack developer and community manager. I worked on many interesting web2 and web3 projects, from 2021 i'm focusing on the latter. I provide the best Websites to you using the Latest Technology stack that is scalable and maintainable. I will develop applications for your needs, varing from webapp, remote dapps, bots or everything related. I will manage your community as head of growth and community.

Core Values

Values are statements of belief. If these attributes are present, we’ll be able to build something that will not only delight users and customers, but will also allow for rapid change with confidence, both in the short and long term.

  • Respect and Trust
  • Passion and Engagement
  • Creativity and Pragmatism
  • Quality and Satisfaction


Fullstack Dev

Community growth

Web3 dapp

Responsive Design

I offer complete solutions for everyone, professionally.


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